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"Short Power for Long Drives" workshop at the Titleist Performance Institute World Golf Fitness Summit (TPI WGFS), Hyatt Regency Orlando


Those of us in the fitness industry, particularly golf fitness, know that distance comes from power. We also know that the hips are the powerhouse of the body. There is no doubt that Olympic lifts build power. But, many people, for a variety of reasons, either can’t perform these lifts or don’t have the time/desire it takes to be able to perform them with some level of competency and safety. In addition, automatic transference of sagittal plane attributes to the frontal and transverse planes is not a given.

One of the world’s most famous martial artists, Bruce Lee, was noted for the amount of power he could generate with his 135-lb body – particularly his “1-inch punch.” The only Olympic lift he did was the clean & press as part of his weight training circuit routine. However, he knew how to generate incredible power instantly. His “secret” was in the biomechanics. Bruce Lee, a student of exercise science, was famous for his “functional fitness” training philosophy long before it became a catch phrase.

“Short Power for Long Drives” is a hands-on workshop I'll be presenting at the TPI WGFS. Participants can quickly learn a few movements used by martial artists (and boxers) that will help teach them how to effectively generate hip power. These bodyweight movements can be performed any time, any place - no excuses!

For more details, visit: www.mytpi.com

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to Oct 8

Guy VOYER's SOMA Training — The Knee

NEW Introduction Course — The Knee! A 3-day hands-on workshop that will discuss many of the necessary topics needed to fully understand the biomechanics of the knee and the origin of knee pain: new tensegrity biomechanics ... relational anatomy ... methodology - strengthening of all specific muscles, proprioreception of the 20 ligaments of the knee, myofascial stretching of all of the muscles that cross the knee ... pathology ... and clinical application. Guy Voyer, DO, is coming from France to instruct this course hosted by Dan Hellman, MSPT, owner of Hellman Holistic Health, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The course will be held at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina.

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